Friday, 11 September 2009

We need 500 signatures to stop Mandelson's Ban Hammer

The Guardian best summarised it as "unworkable, unnecessary and potentially illegal". I hope you will join me in fighting it using the governments petition website.

As you may or not be aware, Lord Mandelson (the guy who took over whilst the Prime Minister was away) has been making a lot of noise about banning users of peer to peer programs like bittorent and limewire (and, indeed, the BBC's iPlayer) from the internet. You can read about it in the links to your right (the video on the BBC one is a good place to start) on through a quick online search.

We need 500 signatures to get a response. Please spread this a widely as you possibly can. This effects anyone who uses the internet for any purpose.

The petition reads:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to abandon Lord Mandelson's plans to ban individuals from the internet based on their use of 'peer to peer' file sharing.

The use of P2P is neither illegal nor exclusive to copyright theft. Many free software providers use this form of distribution, as does the BBC’s iPlayer. If citizens are innocent until proven guilty, ISP’s would be forced to monitor internet usage to ensure that no copyrighted material is being transferred. This flagrant disregard for privacy is comparable to forcing the Post Office to search through parcels for photocopied documents or mixtape cassettes. Such requirements would place enormous strain on ISP’s whilst failing to prevent the distribution of copyrighted material through hidden IP’s, http or ftp. Who is punished in the case of shared family connections?

The increasing role of the internet in access to society should not be underestimated. Cutting off households deprives families of education, government services and freedom of speech. We do not see this as a fitting punishment, nor do we believe the breaches in privacy involved to be justifiable under copyright law."

Thank you.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

300 signatures in three days!

Thank you to everyone for your support! If we can get 300 signatures in three days then imagine how many we can get in the one month the petition runs for!

Just another 200 to go and we officially qualify for a government response, so keep it up. :)

Thank's Dylan Horrocks!

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